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With a range of services available in Kenilworth, 007 are the reliable professional electrician you’ve been looking for.

007 Electrician Services

When things go wrong with your electrical circuitry, our team are standing by 24/7 to deal with the problem. From unexplained outages, to exposed wires, dead sockets or any other kind of problem, we can often resolve the issue on the spot.

Re-Wiring Specialists

Renovation work on properties of a certain age is likely to include re-wiring. This is the process of updating the wiring and other components of a system to bring it up to date, ensure the renewal of any worn or damaged parts and install modern safety mechanisms. An electrician will strip old wiring, replace plug sockets and fit a new fuse box and meter.

007 regularly carry out this work and a recent job in Kenilworth was a good example of the process. The property was a fairly standard late Victorian terrace house, which had just changed hands for the first time in about fifty years. It was unusual because it so obviously needed to be re-wired – two Bakelite round-pin sockets per room and an elderly fuse box were certainly not safe, nor sustainable for today’s demands.

Our team got to work replacing the wire itself, installing new sockets, light fittings and switches and a new fuse box. It was messy work as the original work was inconsistent and so new wiring had to be laid into plaster and under floor boards, but luckily the house was uninhabited, and we were able to work efficiently to bring it into the 21st century.

Alarms Installation

007 also install alarm systems in your area. Whether you want a mains supplied fire and sprinkler system, or a burglar alarm, we come recommended in Kenilworth for the supply and installation of quality security and fire safety systems that benefit local homes and businesses.

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