Electrical Repair issues You shouldn’t ignore

When dealing with the safety of your home and loved ones, things cannot be taken for granted, especially when considering electrical repair issues. When we look at the commercial setting, one needs to be conscious of a safe working environment for both workers and visitors. To be liable for an accident would be distressing at best and could end up in court at worst. Here are some electrical repair issues you shouldn’t ignore.

Circuit Breaker problem & Buzzing Outlets
Circuits are designed to prevent overloading but when a fuse is overloaded with many appliances, it can cause problems. If your appliances trip occasionally try plugging them into another outlet, however, if you are experiencing problems more frequently arrange a circuit inspection to detect any underlying issues.

A buzzing sound can signal a loose switch, wire or outlet. Repair or replace the outlet immediately, but if this continues call a professionally qualified electrician for an inspection.

Ceiling Fixtures
Sometimes ceiling fixtures are not properly insulated, so ask a professional electrician to consider the maximum wattage acceptable to avoid overheating (which can cause sparking / lead to a fire hazard). Inspect wiring too, this is a very common flashpoint.

Burning smell & Flickering
Burning smells and flickering can occur due to loose switches, defective bulbs or faulty wires. NICEIC Electricians are fully qualified to diagnose these issues so set up a survey if in any doubt.

Prevent your home from household electrical fires

There are numerous reasons for household electrical problems at home and these problems can bring serious injuries / electrical fires if homeowners don’t take them seriously. Follow these safety steps to help keep your home free of electrical hazards and fires.

Start with the basics
Electrical outlets are one of the most important components in the electrical system of our home so they require more care and attention. If anything goes wrong with these outlets, i.e. become loose or damaged there can be a chance of an electrical fire. There are cases where the electrical outlet sparks frequently and some people ignore these sparks. You do so at your peril as they can cause serious damage / electric fires. Homeowners should call the certified electrician and should ask for professional advice with even the smallest of doubts.

Heat-producing appliances
Heat producing appliances are also another cause of electrical fires as heat produced from these appliances can potentially ignite materials surrounding them. To prevent a home from these types of fires, homeowners should keep all materials well away from any source of heat or electricity. All heating appliances have been upgraded in the past few years, but inevitably there are still some homeowners in the UK using older heating appliances, which have fewer fire prevention features. In these cases homeowners should consider upgrading their heating appliances to modern ones with better safety and energy efficiency characteristics.

Electrical inspection
In addition to the situations mentioned above there can be other reasons which are best detected and explained by a professional electrician. So every homeowner should get a home inspection from a certified electrician at regular intervals. Prevention is always better than cure, especially when your house is on the line.

Some risks in doing electrical work at home by yourself

Being in the business for many years, we have noticed that whenever people have a situation where their electrical system failed, or has become potentially dangerous, they sometimes try to repair it themselves. What we want to highlight today is the dangers involved unless you are a qualified electrician. Saving money should never be a factor as you may be risking your life or your families life by not being professionally qualified. Consider the following:

Risks in DIY

(1). Electrical fires: Hundreds of electrical fires in the UK are caused by electricity, and the major cause behind these fires is a fault in switches, electrical appliances and outdated appliances.
Homeowners should avoid handling electrical problems and call a certified (NICEIC Electrician) professional for repairs. Light fixtures and outdated wiring are also common reasons for electrical fires at home.
(2). Minor or major injuries (life at risk): Doing electrical repairs by yourself can risk life or at best give a shock. Not doing it properly can cause some serious injury to an individual, or to the property itself. Experienced electricians can handle electrical repairs or installation because they spend time learning and practicing the safety standards of the professional associations.

(3). Property Damage: Fire may spread immediately and can damage part or all of a property. In some cities, insurance companies don’t pay for any damage unless the work has been certified.

What if something goes wrong?
Working with electricity is always risky so one shouldn’t do any electrical work unless they have the knowledge and skills to do so. You simply cannot put a price on a human life so always consult an expert.

Avoiding electrical emergencies and accidents

It’s true that in the century or so since homes first began to be electrified, safety around electrical current has improved a great deal. However, we need to remember that despite circuit breakers, earthed plug sockets, and other built in safety measures, electricity remains dangerous and electrical systems and appliances need to be used with care. Continue reading