Avoiding electrical emergencies and accidents

It’s true that in the century or so since homes first began to be electrified, safety around electrical current has improved a great deal. However, we need to remember that despite circuit breakers, earthed plug sockets, and other built in safety measures, electricity remains dangerous and electrical systems and appliances need to be used with care.

There are some basic things that we can bear in mind when it comes to electrical safety that can help avoid accidents, fire and injury:

Always ensure that any person you allow to undertake work to your electrical system or an appliance is a fully qualified electrician. If you are looking for one in Coventry, 007 provide a comprehensive, fully professional service at reasonable rates.

Electrical plugs: many of our homes were designed in an era when we used far fewer electrical devices – this can result in wall plugs being over loaded. Using too many extension leads or adapters in one plug socket can be dangerous and lead to electrical fires.

Children: naturally curious small children find plug sockets fascinating and it is vital that while they are very small empty sockets are kept child proofed, and as they get older we need to educate them about the dangers of electricity.

Electrical leads: these days chords are fairly resistant to cracking and fraying, but take care where they are bunched up too tight, crushed under a heavy weight, or bent severely – a damaged lead can cause electric shock or fire.

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