Electrical Repair issues You shouldn’t ignore

When dealing with the safety of your home and loved ones, things cannot be taken for granted, especially when considering electrical repair issues. When we look at the commercial setting, one needs to be conscious of a safe working environment for both workers and visitors. To be liable for an accident would be distressing at best and could end up in court at worst. Here are some electrical repair issues you shouldn’t ignore.

Circuit Breaker problem & Buzzing Outlets
Circuits are designed to prevent overloading but when a fuse is overloaded with many appliances, it can cause problems. If your appliances trip occasionally try plugging them into another outlet, however, if you are experiencing problems more frequently arrange a circuit inspection to detect any underlying issues.

A buzzing sound can signal a loose switch, wire or outlet. Repair or replace the outlet immediately, but if this continues call a professionally qualified electrician for an inspection.

Ceiling Fixtures
Sometimes ceiling fixtures are not properly insulated, so ask a professional electrician to consider the maximum wattage acceptable to avoid overheating (which can cause sparking / lead to a fire hazard). Inspect wiring too, this is a very common flashpoint.

Burning smell & Flickering
Burning smells and flickering can occur due to loose switches, defective bulbs or faulty wires. We are fully qualified to diagnose these issues so set up a survey if in any doubt.